Das Cuby ist das Einebenen-Shuttle System in der SSI Schäfer Shuttle-Familie und steht für hohe Verfügbarkeit und Energieeffizienz bei gleichzeitig attraktiven Kosten. Einzigartig ist die zum Patent angemeldete Nutzung der Regaltiefenauflage zur Führung des Lastaufnahmemittels. Ein skalierbares Hebersystem mit Doppelstock-Funktion gewährleistet hohe Leistung und zugleich kompakte Anlagenlayouts.

Benefits of the warehouse shuttle system Cuby

  • High availability as well as attractive performance
  • Energy efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Wide range of application options in different sectors of industry (such as: fashion, pharma, e-commerce etc.)
  • Excellent space utilization by double-deep storage in a single-deep
    shuttle aisle
  • Very solid construction as modular kit
Warehouse shuttle Cuby: one-level shuttle system for bins and cartons up to 35 kg.
Up to 36 storage levels
Warehouse shuttle Cuby: high profitability in short-term amortization period
One-level shuttle system
Warehouse shuttle Cuby: provides a high storage density
Bins and cartons up to 35 kg
Warehouse shuttle Cuby: double-deep storage
Double-deep Storage
  • Characteristics of the warehouse shuttle system Cuby
    • Fast, scalable storage system for bins and/or cartons up to 35 kg
    • In combination with the double lift, the system provides a very high performance
    • High performance by 2 transfer locations per lift and shuttle
    • Assigning positions 2 per lift and shuttle
    • Height: 6 to 15 m with 8 to max. 36 storage levels
    • Length: 20 to 100 m with more than 25,000 storage locations per rack aisle
    • Considerable gain in efficiency by double cycles for storage and retrieval
    • Additional performance increase thanks to two lifts per rack aisle
    • Scalable lift performance
    • High profitability in short-term amortization period
  • Erläuterungen zur Bauweise des Lager-Shuttle Systems Cuby

    A Cuby consists of a rack, at least one lift, one shuttle per storage level, a shuttle crane at the back, maintenance platforms (lift platform and control cabinet platform at the front and access platform at the back) and the control and warehouse management software. Thanks to innovative functional distribution between rack and shuttle, fewer sensors and actuators are necessary on the shuttle and load handling device. This renders Cuby more reliable and cost-efficient than other one-level shuttle systems on the market.

    The system also contains a high degree of standardization and offers the best possible accessibility for maintenance and service tasks. The rack has also been optimized in terms of fire protection. Instead of the usual rack shelves, gratings are used so that the water in the sprinkler system can easily run down several levels.

  • Technische Daten: Lager-Shuttle System Cuby


    • Speed: 2.5m/s
    • Acceleration: 1m/s²
    • Load capacity: ~35kg

    Cuby lift

    • Throughput: approx. 400 double cycles/h per lift, system performance (technical component performance ≥ 450 double cycles/h)
    • Load capacity: max. 2 x 35kg
    • Lift per aisle: 1 or 2
    • Speed: 5m/s
    • Acceleration: 7m/s²


    • Length: up to 100 m
    • Height: max. 15m
    • Width: 3.680-3.950m per aisle, aisle distance 0.190m
    • Temperature range: 4°C to 40°C
    • Storage: double deep
  • Warehouse shuttle system Cuby: Length: 20 to 100 m with more than 25,000 storage locations per rack aisle
  • Warehouse shuttle system Cuby: double load handling devices
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