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Material supply is of key importance for industrial assembly and distribution alike. Quick access and short routes help make your processes leaner and therefore more efficient. SSI Schaefer offers an extensive range of staging shelves, which have already proven their worth by uncovering a large potential for improvement at our clients’ facilities.

Material supply for production and assembly

material provision at Daimler

Modern industrial assembly lines require the timely, accurate and ergonomically correct supply of small parts. Interruptions or disturbances of the production process would lead to higher and unnecessary costs and decrease the competitiveness of the company.

Staging shelves from SSI Schaefer are placed in direct vicinity to the assembly line and hold those parts the workers need to assemble the products. The shelves are available in different lengths and depths and have a high load capacity. Depending on the requirements they are equipped either with shelves, gliding rails or roller tracks and work according to the FIFO principle (First-in-First-out).

  • Staging shelf R 7000 with return track
  • Staging shelf MBR 3000 with inclined shelves
  • Staging shelf R 7000 with gliding rails


Material supply in distribution

order picking from a live storage system

Live storage systems are a great way to add more efficiency to your distribution. Using these shelves, your staff may order pick directly out of packages or totes. By shortening the routes and making the work less ergonomically challenging, you will lower the burden on your workforce and speed up the processes at the same time. Because the shelves are refilled from the rear, there is no interference between feeding and order picking, thus reducing the likelihood of interruptions of these processes considerably.

Our systems for material supply may be combined with Pick-by-Light technology, making them even more efficient. You will find further details on SSI Schaefer’s staging shelves in chapter G of the general catalogue. Along with the shelves, we also offer compatible boxes and containers. As a result, you will receive a flexible and practical solution entirely from a single source.

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