Heavy load modular shelving systems for pallets and oversized goods are designed for the most demanding weight and size requirements. Every SSI SCHAEFER mobile racking system is equipped with a modern control. A modular design concept allows the system to be designed according to your preferences and requirements. By converting racking aisles into useable space for logistics and other functions, mobile racking systems create new space in the space that could not be optimised in a more cost-effective way.


Cost-effectiveness, efficiency and value all from one system

In various areas, SSI SCHAEFER sets new standards when it comes to mobile racking systems for heavy compartment loads:

  • Modular construction
  • Direct access to the pallet storage spaces prevents unnecessary and time-intensive goods relocation movements
  • High throughput due to intelligent storage strategies
  • Reduced operating and property costs thanks to excellent space utilisation of the system

Problem-free usage in the refrigerated sector

The combination of SSI SCHAEFER mobile racking systems, our conveyor system expertise and the powerful electric drive units and system designs make our systems the number one choice for use in your refrigerated store.

Safe and accident-free working operation

Equipped with emergency stop buttons, access light barriers, manual release systems, distance sensors and safety light barriers, our mobile racking solution meets the highest possible demands for safety and makes a significant contribution to the problem-free and accident-free operations in your warehouse.

Fully automatic mobile racking
Fully automatic mobile racking
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Download brochures
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