Pallet live storage

This form of warehouse organization makes the most sense when you are storing goods with limited storage life or have to control batches in your production. This is because the pallets that are stored first are also retrieved first (FIFO). Also, pallet live storage plays an important role in buffering goods at goods-in or dispatch.

It’s common to operate them with counterbalance or reach trucks; at the lowest level even with pallet jacks. Live storage works by means of gravity alone and usually comes without electrical components. It is easy to integrate it into a fully automated material flow, which makes them a viable alternative for fully automated warehouses.

Advantages at a glance:

  • FIFO principle
  • Saves up to 60% space in comparison to conventional pallet racks
  • Increases productivity by separating feeding and order picking
  • Solution for non-stackable pallets
  • Suitable as buffer storage
Channel in pallet racking

At SSI Schaefer, you get live storage systems that are precisely customized to your individual requirements. For example, we adjust the roller tracks with brake rollers and different roller segmentations to fit your warehouse stock exactly. In order picking as well, there exist several feasible variants, for instance with an overbuilt picking tunnel at the lowest level.

Apart from organising your warehouse in line with the FIFO principle, using pallet live storage benefits you through more efficient space/volume utilization in your warehouse. Another important aspect is the separation of feeding and retrieval, which improves organisation. Please contact us directly and let us find out together, whether pallet live storage makes sense for your application.

  • Roller track in pallet live storage
  • Manual order picking
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