High-rise racking for pallets

The motivation for setting up a fully automatic high bay pallet racking warehouse varies greatly: Shorter supply chains, increased storage capacity or improved delivery accuracy are among the most common objectives. A high bay pallet racking system from SSI SCHAEFER offers you one thing above all else:

Save space with optimal space utilization.


Our various racking support systems can be used in many different ways and allow the implementation of a variety of storage options, from single-depth to multiple-depth as well as single and multi location storage.

As a reliable partner, SSI SCHAEFER stands for long-term security of investment. All of our systems, including the most complex ones, can be expanded or modified, even after several years.

Special features in detail

High quality materials and reliable corrosion protection ensure that the steel construction has a virtually unlimited service life. Our modern and specially developed anchoring systems reduce the amount of work required to set up the base plate to a minimum. The specific design of our warehouses and the almost complete absence of welded connections reduce deformations and additional tensions in the steel racking construction. This means that the narrowest of tolerances are met and the overall performance of the system increases.

  • Silo aisle, silo, front-to-back supports


Going beyond the steel frame, SSI SCHAEFER also supplies platforms, stairways and safety devices. All components are manufactured in-house and customised to suit the specific high bay racking system.

Additional customised frames for the warehouse, such as roof and wall coverings, are also supplied from SSI SCHAEFER, for example as part of a comprehensive bundle.

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