Mezzanines make maximum use of space and increase the available space in your warehouse through the integration of additional storeys.

As a full range supplier and reliable partner, SSI SCHAEFER supports you from planning to assembly. For every single customer, our experienced expert consultants develop individual solutions based on actual requirements.

A system without limits

With SSI SCHAEFER, the design options of mezzanine systems are virtually unlimited. In combination with our versatile selection of shelving, workstation systems, boxes and containers as well as workshop equipment, simultaneous storing and working becomes a systemised method. From this enormous range of products and services, SSI SCHAEFER supplies you with complete and carefully designed systems, with everything from one source.

Based on your requirements and needs, we will implement mezzanines with a self-supporting construction or as platform-supported racking. We are offering an exceptionally large range of upright patterns and support profiles, rails and pallet drop areas, floor coverings, stairs and stair rails as well as an entire range of lighting equipment.

Whether self-supporting or as platform-supported racking: Our mezzanine systems can be expanded in any lengthwise or crosswise direction, meaning that they are able to meet the specific load and other requirements at the site.

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Information and consulting

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