With our retrofit services, we bring your plant up in line with the latest technological standards, thus extending the service life of your investment. This is regardless of whether you already have a system from SSI SCHAEFER or from another supplier.

To determine the actual requirements and the necessary and logical retrofitting activities, a thorough plant evaluation by an SSI SCHAEFER expert is the first step towards greater efficiency.

  • Needs-oriented optimisation concept
  • Transparent calculation of investment costs
  • Comprehensive implementation concept

In planning the retrofit activities we leave no stone unturned. In addition to checking for the use of energy-efficient drive units, designed for the application, naturally we place considerable emphasis on mechanical and electrical optimisation.

Speak to us about:
  • Lightweight design
  • Use of drive models with optimised efficiency
  • Reduction in drive input from dead load equalisation
  • Friction minimised due to appropriate material combinations
  • Switch-off on demand
  • Intermediate circuit connections
  • Intelligent actuation of the main storage and retrieval device axles
  • Regenerative energy devices
  • ... and much more!

Naturally SSI SCHAEFER also provides consulting across the entire range of intralogistics. This starts with the basic optimisation of the goods flows in your warehouse, the load carriers used as well as innovative workstation design using our ergonomics@work concept. You decide where it ends!

Information and consulting
Information and consulting

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