By integrating automatic solutions for depalletisation using robot technology, SSI SCHAEFER offers the consistent and output-oriented implementation of automating complex process chains in order picking. Here you profit from the wide range that SSI SCHAEFER offers. We set up plants that function without problems as a whole and whose components are perfectly orchestrated to work together.

The combination of three tried and test grip principles, the "vacuum multigrip" technology, the vacuum chamber with the mechanical clamping principle, our depalletisation permits high dynamics, high functional security with simultaneous careful product handling.

Robotiksysteme von SSI SCHÄFER

Highly versatile technology, flexible in usage

Depending on which products you store, order pick and dispatch in your company, the dynamic parameters, such as speed and acceleration, but also the grip parameters of vacuum, air flow and gripping force are also adjusted for the gripper parameters. This product data with the allocation of parameterisation is stored on the control system. Depending on the product height, the counter plate is also set using the sucker cups.

The functional principle

Via the air flow in the vacuum chamber, all intermediate layers are picked up and after positioning the depalletised layer on the vacuum transfer table into a prepared container or a waste belt.

Plastic boxes can also be easily processed using the mechanical clamping principle. The flexibility of the gripper makes tool changes superfluous, even with frequent product changes.

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