Optimised energy consumption in your warehouse saves the environment and at the same time reduces the operating and maintenance costs of the plant. This ensures not only a clear conscience but also secures your investment in the long term.

Thanks to sound expert knowledge and many years of experience, SSI SCHAEFER facilitates the implementation of energy-efficient storage during at the planning phase for the logistics and the building. Thanks to our unique and wide range of services in intralogistics, we think in systems and total solutions that secure your success efficiently and in the long term.

A selection of topics on which we provide consulting and that we implement with you:

Logistics planning
  • Site selection
    What is the location of the building like for customers, does it have the necessary infrastructure? Which paths need to be covered?
  • Site optimisation
    Are all the existing areas and buildings being used efficiently?
  • How does the overall energy balance work in practice?
Building planning
  • Use of renewable energies
    What options are there in the field of photovoltaics, geothermics or solar thermals?
  • Lighting
    Have energy-efficient lights been installed? Is there a concept for security lighting?
  • Heating
    Are there any additional extras such as pellet heating, district heating from bio gas plants or black lights?
  • Building activities
    Is there a feasible energy-optimised design for the roof and facade that could be implemented? Is there sufficient insulation on the gates, doors and locks?

Energy efficiency right from the start

When planning and implementing an SSI SCHAEFER warehouse and order picking system, energy efficiency is also a fixed part of the system planning work.

System planning
  • Layout design
    • Route-optimised layout of system components
  • Use of energy-efficient components and drives
    • High efficiency drives 
    • Drives designed in line with the specific application – no universal drives
  • Mechanical and electrical optimisation
    • Lightweight design
    • Use of drive models with optimised efficiency
    • Reduction in drive performance via dead load equalisation
    • Friction minimised due to appropriate material combinations
    • Switch-off on demand
    • Intermediate circuit connections
    • Intelligent actuation of the main storage and retrieval device axles
    • Regenerative energy devices
  • Workplace design
    • ergonomics@work!
Information and consulting
Information and consulting

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