Are you using roller containers in your warehouse or for the on-going transport of goods and you want to integrate these even more efficiently in your overall system?

With conveyor systems for roller containers from SSI SCHAEFER, this is easily possible. Like all our conveyor technology products, we place the greatest emphasis here on proven quality and maximum compatibility of the components. This is the only way to ensure problem-free and efficient processes within a system.

  • roller container conveying system (RCCS)
  • roller container conveying system (RCCS)


High level of automation for maximum throughput

Conveyor systems for roller containers are especially important when they are connected to automated warehouse systems that have packing and sorting technology such as our Schaefer Case Picking.

By integrating roller container conveyor technology and direct automatic loading or packing of the goods onto the roller container, a further step is eliminated and the throughput is increased considerably again.

If you are interested in roller container conveyor systems, SSI SCHAEFER is able to supply you with all the components to create an efficient system. With our many years of experience we offer you everything from planning and consulting through to technology, right down to control and integration of all components from one single source, and more importantly manufactured in-house.

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Information and consulting

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