With the plastic belt conveyor, SSI SCHAEFER developed a new technology that revolutionizes conveyor systems and significantly reduces costs.

transfer with jack lift

The possibility to abstain from conventional load carriers in the internal material flow has the following advantages:

  • No return transport of empty pallets necessary, therefore less handling effort
  • Significant loading space optimization in the truck
  • Reduced costs by synergy effects
  • Recyclable load carrier in terms of „Green Logistics“
  • Optimization of the existing capacities and the storage
  • Modular design and high standardization
  • plastic belt conveyor in detail
  • pallet on the conveyor belt

One Conveyor for Everything

  • Transport of goods without load carrier
  • Transport of goods up to a width of 1,600 mm
  • Optimized logistics by length measuring at the feed-in station
  • High throughput by optimized logistics and user-friendliness
  • Contour and weight control to avoid damages at goods and system

SSI SCHAEFER develops individual products by customer requirements and focuses on a long-term customer relation. We jointly analyze your specific warehouse processes and find the optimal solution.

The functions and requirements of your individual products will be tested in our 4,500 m2 technology center in Giebelstadt. We will support you in every possible way with any necessary new developments and will jointly find a solution to optimize your specific warehouse requirements.

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Information and consulting

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