Are you looking for a conveyor system solution that conveys, sorts, accumulates and stores containers, cartons or trays in your warehouse as efficiently and intelligently as possible? With the FT+ from SSI SCHAEFER, you found a highly flexible and cost-effective system.

The FT+ is the world's largest lightweight conveyor technology system that consists entirely of modular and retrofittable components.

The development was done with the most demanding economic requirements in mind. A flexible throughput control, high load and performance values, reduction in the variety of parts used and the modular design have all been implemented without compromise.

There are virtually no limits regarding the use of the system; from warehouse automation to production (connection between workstations and storage systems) to machine integration. For SSI SCHAEFER, exact modifications according to your specific requirements are included as a matter of course.

The advantages:

  • Fast:
    Throughput of up to 6000 units/h
  • Flexible:
    Thanks to the adaptable throughput control
  • Cost-effective:
    Low operating costs, easy maintenance
    thanks to the standardised, modular design
  • Reliable:
    Power reserve up to 50 kg transport load

The throughput can be controlled in line with the desired performance requirements. Our FT+ System achieves infinitely adjusted speeds between 0.2 and 2 m per second. Roller or belt conveying technology is used, and where required also at zero-pressure. Intelligent, decentrally controlled sensors and light barriers between the rollers ensure increased energy efficiency. Every component section only remains in motion when this is necessary. The reduction in the variety of parts means a reduction in the spare parts store at the same time. This saves time, space, time during maintenance and repair. Despite the lightweight design, loads of up to 50kg transport weight are possible.

FT+ Add-ons:

  • Flow control:
    Dynamic flow control at bottleneck points increases the throughput via the intelligent control of the conveyor paths
  • Ergonomic optimisation: thanks to our ergonomics@work!® concept
  • Silent conveyor technology: Noise minimised by approx. 80% to a normal conversation volume
  • Refrigerated conveyor technology: Suitable for use in environments down to -30°C
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