Do you want to order pick and sort products in your plants carton by carton? Then you need to speak to us.

Depending on requirements, sorting rates of 6000 cartons per hour  and more can be achieved. These high output levels allow our customers to reduce the throughput times in order processing significantly.

The many different technologies for package sorting can be used. The volumes extends from sorting using controlled roller points (see image) with an output of up to 3500 units per hour via linear sorters at over 6000 units per hour or through to cross-belt sorters at up to 10,000 per hour.

Our experts quickly determine which technology and which system will create the right solution for your intralogistics challenges, because SSI SCHAEFER is the specialist in intralogistics with the experience from hundreds of projects. Profit from our expertise.

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Yes, I am interested!

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