In addition to the special steel construction for channel storage, the shuttle system consists of a shuttle vehicle and docking station.

  • Kanallager: Schäfer Orbiter Shuttle
  • Kanallager: Schäfer Orbiter Docking Station

The operating principle: The docking station and the shuttle vehicle (orbiter) form a single unit that can be moved flexibly in the warehouse. Racks where the shuttle system is used have a centring console fitted onto the front.

Kanallager: Schäfer Orbiter Funkfernbedienung

The forklifts pick up the docking station, including the orbiter, and place it into the centring console on the required rack. The forklifts then pick up inward storage pallets and position these onto the orbiter.

While the forklift then takes care of picking up the next pallet being stored away, the orbiter conveys it quickly and safely into the desired storage location. The driving commands are communicated to the shuttle vehicle via wireless remote control.

Innovative solution sets new standards

A shuttle solution in itself is not a new concept in intralogistics. The critical factor here is the features that differentiate the SSI SCHAEFER shuttle warehouse system and mean that it is so specifically tailored to the safety and efficiency needs of the European market:

  • Power supply via patented, environmentally friendly Power Caps avoiding any expensive costs of replacement and disposal of batteries
  • Innovative lifting mechanism without hydraulics
  • Thanks to the docking station, there is no damage to the shuttle vehicle, there is no expensive repairs or downtimes in the warehouse
  • Maximum security in the warehouse thanks to the redundant design of security-critical components
  • User-friendly thanks to easy handling and the corresponding design
  • The equipment is suitable for the refrigerated sector.
Kanallager: Schäfer Orbiter System

In addition, you acquire a complete system all from one source.

All standard system components such as racking technology, shuttle vehicle and locking elements come from SSI SCHAEFER production sites.

Fully automatic mobile racking
Fully automatic mobile racking
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